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    I always disconnect from the web after doing browsing. Is this necessary? I with sprint and have the power vision access pack. Thanks for any info.
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    I never 'force' disconnect on any of devices. They all simply disconnect when not needed.
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    But my Treo dosen't disconnect and I am worried about extra charges
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    How do you know it doesn't disconnect? Are you unable to make a call after browsing on the web?
    Sprint 600 - 650 - 755 - Mogul - 700Wx - Centro - 800W & iPhone
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    The Access Pack includes unlimited data, so you don't have to worry about excess charges from being connected. Reasons you might want to disconnect are:

    - If you've got a 1x data connection (green arrows), incoming calls may be blocked if you happen to be receiving or sending data at that moment. If you've got an EVDO connection (blue arrows), incoming calls shouldn't be blocked if you're receiving or sending data. You might go from an EVDO area into a 1x area and not know it and theoretically miss a call. If you're disconnected from the web, there's no issue.

    - It's believed that keeping the data connection open uses more battery. There's certainly more stuff being sent between your phone and Sprint if it's trying to maintain a data + voice connection. But I don't have a handle on how much more battery it uses. I find that it drops the connection after it's been idle for a while anyway, and I can't see any change in power usage in BatteryGraph that I can associate with the data connection dropping.

    - Theoretically Sprint might have a roaming partner somewhere that allows data roaming but it isn't free roaming. Then you might get charged. As far as I know, on all the carriers that allow Sprint data roaming, it's at no extra charge to the Sprint customer, but there could be some little phone company somewhere where you might get charged.

    - I can imagine that it's possible to accidentally activate Sprint Navigation while the phone is in your pocket and accidentally charge yourself $2.99 for a day.

    Realistically and practically-speaking the answer is that you won't have extra charges.

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