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    Just checked my sprint rebate status and they are declining my rebate saying that my phone model (Black Centro) was not included in that promotion. I don't see how it was not as they are the ones that sent the little insert with my phone. I know it said the Palm Centro and 100.00 on it but when we mailed it in I only got a copy of the side I had to fill in with my information, I did not photocopy the side that showed all the different phone models and the rebate amount and that is what I need. This is for the one that needed to be postmarked by 11/17/2007 although I am sure any that shows the centro and 100.00 mail in rebate would be valid. Thanks in advance
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    Call Sprint Rebates. I had the same problem and they fixed it without any questions.
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    At least they got yours! I checked when I realized my account and the amount they charged me for the phone were way off. They claim they never got it and gave me some bs. I had to fax the form to the rebate dept. They seem to be on top of it and the rebate rep. was the best rep. I've spoken with at Sprint. My rebate is listed as 50% completed, not bad for one day. I don't usually make a copy of stuff like this either but I guess I thought $99 was important to. Now I'm going to work on my $25 referral I didn't get that they claim they don't have either!
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    aight, just got of the phone with sprint rebates. I am amazed, the rep was top notch, understandable, fixed the problem and we were done in less than 5 minutes. It made me feel like I was back on AT&T for a minute. The rep said they are having quite a few of these kick out, something to do with the device being known by different names, Centro and Treo 690 in different parts of the system. So if anyone else comes across this just give sprint rebates a call @ 800.477.4127
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    Don't worry about that, they have that info, at the rebate dept. The rebate amounts change based on the date and they aren't all mail in rebates, MIR, some are instant. You just need to show the date you ordered the phone and the model, they'll handle the rest. As a matter of fact I forgot what the amount of the MIR was, CS said it was $50 like most and the rebate dept. said it was $99, which I later remembered. I didn't realize the form doesn't state what your rebate amount is since it changes. I didn't think to right down the amount of the rebate, I'm glad they have the right info!

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