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    I am so confused with this phone itss my first treo/pda and I am lost I just got it and it started saying memory on device is low so I bought a 2gb micro sdcard and I still get that message. I been deleting things but don't know what ther are most come back when it randomly resets its self. Can I move some apps to memory card or what can I do??? PLEASE HELP>>>>
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    I think that's a new one? What have you added to it that could cause that? Now I'm thinking video? The card is good to have but not required. You shouldn't delete anything. How much data is on there, have you hot synced to a computer yet to backup any data? I assume you've installed the Palm CD.
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    Press the 'Home' button to pull up the launcher. Then press the 'menu' button and scroll down to 'Info'. Select it.

    What does it say (at the top of the Info screen) the 'Free Space' is on the Phone?

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    7.1m out of 68.8 free space and that's cause I deleted stuff not sure what it was either I have done a hotsync
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    7 megs free after you deleted stuff? Geez....

    Without knowing what apps are stuffed into your device memory (RAM) it's time to get that card in your Centro and move some apps to it. Games stuffed into the RAM? Move the games to the card. Also, move your pics and Cam Corder images to the card. Downloading ringtones and/orVideos? Get rid of some of them to the card. pTunes skins stuffed in the RAM? Move those to the card. pTunes will see the skins from the card/Palm/Launcher folder

    Get your RAM up to at least 12 to 15 megs free. This will get your DBCache up there too. This should elminate your low memory errors.

    It might be better to hard reset to dump the RAM and start all over again with some thought on what you install in the RAM.

    Apps that need the clock and connect to the net, need to be in the RAM. Everything else can go onto the card.

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    That's a lot since he just got it.
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    have you installed music and/or taken a lot of pictures or videos before you got the card? That is the only way I can think of running out of memory that quick without installing a lot of apps.
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    sprint had me do a hard reset and everything is great, for future use how do I save to sd card and not device
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    It's not so cut and dry, but this should help...

    The majority of your applications will need to be installed to the device's memory. Everything else (MP3's, videos, documents, etc) can be installed to the card. If you're doing this via Hotsync, use the Palm Quick Install Manager; the top section installs to device memory, the bottom section installs to the memory card. Here's an example screenshot.

    To move things around from your device, use FileZ (, freeware).
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