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    Hi All-

    I've had trouble with Hotsyncf or quite a while. Now it completely stopped working. I.e. I am no longer able to sync my Palm Treo 650 with MS Outlook. It just won't establish a connection. It appears that the contacts don't work any more so that syncing with via the USB cable is no longer an option for me. Cleaning, licking, and praying won't work.

    I have NVBackup installed on my Treo and the backup gets saved onto the SD card. Is there a little tool out there which I could use to import the NVBackup file into MS Outlook?

    If no, is there any other way to save data on the SD card and import it into MS Outlook?

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    As far as I know there is no way to do the NV BackUp thing.

    Have you tried reinstalling the Outlook conduits from the software CD. Or try changing them to Palm DT and then back to Outlook.

    Worth a go.
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    I have my Treo 650 on 2 computers at my office and one at home. The cradles all crashed over a period of time and nothing worked. I could connect via the usb plugged directly into my treo but that was pain so I went to blue tooth and I sync with all 3 computers that way. It is slower than the cable but I just pop it into the cradle and use blue tooth.


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