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    i have a treo 600 and lasttime i used it i accidentally drop it on the floor, since then it cant on. i am looking forward if someone could help me to tell me what is the problem and where i can fix it in malaysia.. thanks..
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    Based on what you have stated, there is really not much to go on. If you see no physical damage and tried recharging it and/or pressing the reset button, you can try and open the device and see if there are connectors that losen up.

    Be careful when you open, parts can be lost. Anyway, if the device is really dead, it not much use for you now except to sell for parts. As for local shop in Malaysia to fix, maybe a fellow member resident in your country could help. Sadly the repair may cost more than what the phone is worth.

    Good luck and hope you have a current backup for all information.
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