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    Has anyone tried using Winamp remote with their 680 yet? It is AWESOME!

    The reason I started this topic is to see which you would rather use as a music player using earphones and for the car. Obviously, the iPod was originally built solely for this purpose, but using WR you can listen to your ENTIRE music library using an internet connection on your phone. I downloaded the updated Kinoma player which works with WR. I wish pTunes would but apparently cannot due to the type of file that WR streams from. I currently have a busted up iPod that needs a new hard drive (40gb). I'm stuck between buying the ipod hard drive OR . . . . . purchasing a LARGE external hard drive and streaming all my music from WR. Wha wha what would you, wha wha what would you, wha wha what would you DO?

    Also, on a side note, anyone use their TREO as a GPS system for turn by turn directions? I was curious about doing that but am really confused as to how I would go about doing it and how much it would cost. I use AT&T for my carrier BTW.
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    I have a car kit and cradle for my ipod which I listen to almost exclusively while driving. As a result, I always have to remember to grab my ipod before I go anywhere, and when I forget, I'm stuck with radio

    So I just ordered a 4GB sd card and a headphone adapter so I can leave my ipod in the car more or less permanently, and use my Treo for mobile tunes while at the office or working out.

    Hadn't heard of Winamp Remote before but sounds like a nice fix if I'm out and don't have whatever song I'm in the mood for on my card. One nice thing about the ipod is always having all of my music everywhere I go. I figure 4GB is enough to only have to worry about it every few weeks to switch it up a bit.
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    I've got an 8gb card and I love it. I was in the same situation as you and I wound up choosing a 680 over a new ipod. I love it. The sound isn't the greatest, you're going to have to know that going in. But I use ptunes and I love it. I've got playlists set up for quick pics and I have some nature sound tracks that I use to go to sleep to and such. I love my setup. So easy to use and I don't have to worry about grabbing 2 things, or 4, I just grab my phone and go.
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    I use my ipod to listen for music to save battery life on the treo.
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    Yeah, I am going to have to get a new hard drive for my iPod and use it. I noticed last night when listening to music via winamp remote, I could not receive text messages or calls.. that is not going to work. Thank you for your input.
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    Didn't some one make headphones that would let you plug one end into a iPod and the other end into a phone? This makes the most since to me since I can't hear callers if I am listening to my iPod

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