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    I have 2 games I've used for years on my Treo 600 and 650 that have been color all along. When I installed them onto my 755p, they are B&W. I've tried Beaming them over, searching for newer versions, but nothing works. The zip files with the programs don't even have color or B&W versions available.Any ideas out there?

    The problem programs are:
    Cribbage Version 3.0 by Dave Mayes (Freeware)
    Rally 1000 Version 4.2 by Dave Mayes (Freeware)
    11+ yrs w/ a Palm: It's come a long way!
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    Hey, I had the same problem with the cribbage program too. I have always wondered why also.
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    Are there any other known issues with apps when going from Low-Res to High-Res devices?
    11+ yrs w/ a Palm: It's come a long way!
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    Many of the apps were written for 8bit support back when (Like Cribbage) and the newer Palm all run in 16bit mode. So the Cribbage game falls back to 1 bit for some reason. Install one of the freeware color programs like Colorize or Khroma and force 8bit graphics on either specific programs like Cribbage or system wide.

    That'll fix it...
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    Colorize did the job! Excellent response. Thank you. I'm not messing with any of the other options. I just set the default color setting to 8-bit and everything seems to work great. 16-bit apps override the setting and the 8-bit games are now in color. Perfect! Score another victory for the message boards.
    11+ yrs w/ a Palm: It's come a long way!
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    Colorized returned the color to Cribbage but my spades and clubs are now a hollow square and a "Z"
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    Mine looks and plays great. I'm using v3.0. I've attached it if it's helpful.

    Good Luck
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    11+ yrs w/ a Palm: It's come a long way!
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    Are you running a Font program like FontSmoother on your system? Chances are the font you are using doesn't have Club and Spades character. Disable your Font program for Cribbage, try a different font, or just get used to the box and Z.

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