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    All of a sudden this morning, my green phone button brings up my calendar. The latest thing I have installed is SNAP! and the Centro has been a little wonky since... My Agendus prefs are being changed (my calendar button would only show the contact screen, not cycle through my calendar views like I set it) - and the "launch & buttons" pref setting shows the phone button as being mapped to the calendar, without the ability to change it.

    Any ideas how to get my green phone button back (because I actually use it for the phone app) without using a 3rd party app because I shouldn't have to?!

    I considered deleting SNAP, but I'm not sure that will change anything.
    SprintPCS Centro
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    Try going to "Prefs"---> "Buttons"
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    Quote Originally Posted by BaDZeD View Post
    Try going to "Prefs"---> "Buttons"
    I actually did that first thing, and it says it's set to PHONE.
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    Try this Bek. BtnFix should do the trick....,507.html

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