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    I was supposed to get a Centro via eBay, but turns out the seller's "friend" didn't actually have them. A mess, but I got my money back. (whew). So I'm giving up on the eBay route (most are going for around 300 now). If I go to Sprint, it's $149, right? (I currently have service with my Treo 600, and even that I bought through a TreoCentral listing, so it's been more than 5 years since I bought a phone through Sprint themselves). Best Buy has an ad this week saying their Qualified Upgrade price is $129.99. Any disadvantages I should know going through Best Buy rather than the Sprint shop? Would Sprint match it if I went in their store?

    I have a very old plan that I want to keep ($7.50 a month [plus $15 for Vision], but no free minutes; per minute charges are about 25 cents a minute, but I rarely talk on the phone anyway, almost all is data use) hopefully that wouldn't be a factor as well.

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    If you go to the sprint store, its $149 with a 50 mail in rebate, but you need a $25 dollar data plan to get the rebate and they will try to charge you an $18 activation fee. If you get it online from sprint, its $99, no rebate needed, free shipping, no activation fee, you can get the $15 power vision with no problem. Online is easiest if you dont mind waiting a couple days to get it.
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    I went to the on line store, and learned something new. Because my plan is only 7.50 a month, I don't qualify for the upgrade pricing! Has to be a plan over thirty something a month. Since I'm hard of hearing and don't hear well on the phone, I mostly want (and use) it for data, not voice stuff.

    Guess it's back to eBay I go. Unless I can twist someone's arm at a store.

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