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    Hi, I'm using a Treo 650. There is one particular contact that I keep entering and within hours or days it's gone. I can still see it in my calling log, but it's no longer showing in Contacts. There is nothing special about this contact, first and last name, title and phone number.

    Any ideas?
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    It's probably entered in a different category... but you mentioned you "keep entering."

    Another possibility if you HotSync regularly: check you conduit settings, the desktop may be overwriting the device DB... but you mentioned you "see it in my calling log."

    - mvk
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    The culprit is Yahoo intellisync. I set it to confirm every deletion with me, I have no idea why it had a problem with that contact, but now it's working. I didn't think of a sync issue because there are no settings for ActiveSync, but Yahoo syncs with Outlook in turn. Thanks for the hint.

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