OK time to call in all you experts because after 3 hours I am stumped.

I can upload address book and even different categories, but the problem is when I upload a category with approx 20 names, only 4 names upload/transfer to the car address book, and it is the same 4 names over and over. If I try and transfer addresses individually, I get a transferred failed. I did try and move my entire address book over which contains about 200 names and about 50 went. The same ones as before didn't move over. Maybe it is because I am trying to transfer over my in laws numbers. Who knows.

So in my opinion if 1 tranfers all should transfer, just for some reason nothing other then these 4 names wont go. I do have the 1.10 update to my Sprint 700P, and my Sienna does have Nav if it makes a difference.