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    just purchased an 'unlocked' phone, but would like to make sure it is before traveling.
    also, what the one i purchased is an ATT branded one... is there any difference between that and the Unlocked/unbranded one? is there any way to change the firmware from branded to unbranded?
    any relative advice would be appreciated.
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    Unlocked -> Try one SIM from another mobile company
    Difference between unlocked/unbranded -> Two different things. Unbranded means a phone from AT&T (per example) without any of the AT&T programs the put in The Treo. Or An AT&T Treo flashed with a ENA ROM.
    Unbranding a phone -> Flashing it. Look for it in this very forum
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    The only way to do so is to put in a sim card from another carrier and make a phone call.

    I went to the T-Mobile store and told them that I was thinking about switching. They were happy to let me try out my phone with their sim.

    The branded phone has a lot of ATT specific crap on it. check out the custom rom thread for unbranding your phone.

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