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    Purchased the Centro and have not been able to transfer either programs or data.

    Any tips on how to do this?

    Does not seem to work with the Centro provide disk.

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    I too went from the i500 to the Centro.

    This is how I did it and it's also worked for me in the past moving from one PDA to another. I know there are other ways :
    1. Sync one last time with the i500.
    2. Loaded new palm desktop software and performed sync with Centro. This required me to create a new "user". I called it FrankCentro.
    3. quit palm desktop
    4. went into the folder where palm desktop is loaded. On my machine its D:\Program Files\PalmDeskTop.
    5. Find the "root" folder under D:\Program Files\PalmDeskTop for the i500. I could tell, because some of the files where just changed during the last sync. Mine is at D:\Program Files\PalmDeskTop\i500s
    6. Find the "root" folder under D:\Program Files\PalmDeskTop for the Centro. I could tell, because the date-time of the new folder. Mine is at D:\Program Files\PalmDeskTop\FrankC
    7. Copy the address data file from the i500 ( D:\Program Files\PalmDeskTop\i500S\address\address.dat) to the Centro Folder D:\Program Files\PalmDeskTop\FrankC\address
    8. Copy the calendar data file from the i500 ( D:\Program Files\PalmDeskTop\i500S\datebook\datebook.dat ) to the Centro Folder D:\Program Files\PalmDeskTop\FrankC\datebook
    9. All the old programs (*.prc) and old data files (*.pdb) are stored in the folder D:\Program Files\PalmDeskTop\i500S\Archive.
      To install these, you should be able to double-click on them. They will be added to the palm installer.

      You need to selectively on the files you double click on or even better reinstall from source. I have found that some program can be installed fine using this method (like the single file sea_war.prc) while others need to be installed from the source.

      Some programs have data files that are stored in different folders (like CryptoInfo : D:\Program Files\PalmDeskTop\i500S\cryptinfo). With these programs, I usually had to install the program from source, do a snyc, then copy the data file from the i500 folder to the Centro folder.

    Hopefully this makes some sense...

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