Hello Treo experts...

I moved my "My Documents" folder to a new partition on an external drive. This includes My Photos and My Videos where the Palm media files are synced.

Windows and all of my other applications have had no problem pointing to this new location. HOtSync on the other hand insists on syncing my media files from my Treo 650 to the OLD location of "My Documents".

If I simply delete my old media files - they are re-created to the same location when I sync. I have tried to use the Windows "move" folder feature to and point these folders to my new drive but nothing has worked. I've also looked around the registry for a place to make this adjustment but no luck so far.

I'm using Palm Desktop v 4.1.4 and HotSync v6.0.1 with the default media conduit.

Any suggestions to make HotSync sync my media files with my new My Documents location?