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    I was selecting an mp3 for playback and that caused my Centro to freeze. I did a soft reset by removing the battery and once that was done, all my data was gone. Only ROM apps were still installed. pTunes has exhibited some flaky behavior and making run back to TCMP as my default music player.

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    You have something on your Centro that is really screwing things up.

    I have a Centro with a boat load of stuff in it (except TCPMP) and updated pTunes to 4.0.5 and don't have any crashes or freeze ups.

    I have heard of crashes that screw up the Saved Prefs file, but never heard of a Centro freeze or crash that made your RAM apps disappear.

    Hard reset your Centro and use it for a few days with nothing in or on it. If it behaves, restore your apps by selective restore one at a time until you can track the culprit down.

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    Should be no problem. Just restore from your backup application on the card, or do a hotsync.
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    Ok, this is getting really annoying. I did some research on and it said that corrupted file systems or bad files can crash pTunes. So I reformatted the 4GB Kingston microSD card in hope that would resolve the issue. Instead, my sync speed with Windows Media Player 11 became unbearably slow through MTP and after getting all my songs back on the card via direct USB, pTunes once again crashed while searching for music and I had to do a hard reset again to get the palm backup.

    I don't think its any conflicting applications since I don't have many to begin with outside of UDMH (which wasn't even turned on at the time), Unstall and Cleanup. The only thing left are the MP3 files themselves and I wondered if WMP hirearchy of folders (one for each artist and album) was perhaps causing problems. I downgraded the bitrate on larger MP3 files and changed the WMP setting to not use any hirearchal folder structure (MP3s right under the root). Let's see if this helps.

    While I love the new sleek skin for pTunes, if this crashes again, I'm going to stop using it altogether.

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