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    Is it true that the Centro only has one radio in it and that's why I am constantly having to reconnect to Vision?

    The tech guy from Sprint told me that the Centro constantly disconnects me from Vision because the radio needs to be free to accept incoming phone calls. I am constantly having to reconnect to Vision and I never stay connected. Also, I never connect on the first try, usually 2nd or 3rd and each time it connects, it takes forever. Service isn't an issue, i'm in downtown Manhattan and have 6 bars. This issue with connections is causing many programs to be a pain in the @$$ like the mobile instant messaging and the Sprint Email application. They barely work because I never am connected to Vision.

    Any help would be greatly appreciate because this Vision issue I am having is the only thing stopping this from being the perfect phone. Unfortunately this one issue though is huge and has completely stopped me from enjoying this phone. I can't even play Sudoku and post my high scores cause the connection always has issues.
    Doug Kaplan
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    No, that sounds like the data provisioning on your phone is not setup correctly. For me the data connection takes about one second and never has disconnected. And unless you are in a 1xRTT area the incoming phone calls will interupt the data session while it is in use.

    The Sprint rep was completely wrong. Call them and try to have them reprovision the data services for you.
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    Thanks for the quick response. I tried provisioning my phone, often actually and it always takes a while but says it was successful and ultimately it's stil the same result. Could it be an issue with my phone? I am coming from a Treo 650 and had no problems connecting to normal Vision everytime after 3 or 4 seconds. Now with Power Vision, if I actually do connect it easily takes 10 seconds. I would think New York City would have great reception, especially midtown Manhattan. I would hate to think it's the phone cause I set it up perfectly and to return it, sent it to Sprint, or have to reset it would just be a major nuisance.
    Doug Kaplan
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    It definately could be your phone. I would be more suspect of Sprint's configuration of your account. Maybe you could do a full hard reset and have Sprint reactivate your Vision. Maybe you could have them remove then add the power vision back on.

    My Centro vision never disconnects after the initial connection upon a reset.

    Good luck with Sprint I have just discovered how disgustingly awful their support has become. Waiting 20 minutes to talk to someone that can't even begin to help because they can only handle Nextel phones, then getting transfered to at least five different departments, all of which have no clue and keep transfering in circles....That is if you are lucky and don't get disconnected or closed departs. My wife's new Mogul did not provision correctly and it took over an hour of being on the phone just to get them to reprovision it. UGH...Sorry, had to vent...
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