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    So I realize that you can take midis and put them into the ringtone database on the phone, but I want to keep a LOT of midis on my SD card and be able to assign them to individual contacts.

    Obviously the default treo software won't play off of the card, but I've tried RingCare and Ringo and neither seemed to be able to do what I wanted either.

    Is just something that can't be done with a Treo or is there other software out there that can do the job so that I don't have ot take up my system memory just for a few midis?

    Also, on a side note, it seems like most of the ringtone managers can't do midis. I realize I can clip the midis myself and import them into the phone library, but that's a hassle compared to how the MP3 ringtone software works.
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