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    Alright so I was able to warm reset my treo (after getting a new battery??) finally and backup my data with NVBackup. I hard reset and installed the backup. The PROBLEM is that everything works perfect except I can't initiate the Text messaging program or the treo goes back into the "access" loop. Is there anyway I can repair the text message database so that it will work again? I can in no way access the program via the treo.

    Thanks for the continued help everyone.
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    wait a minute, I think I have figured out the problem here. i went to fileZ and it seems to imply that my messages database was stored on my SD card. I don't recall if this was a storage "option"

    Is it possible that my messages database was on my now defunct SD card?

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    This might help. Sounds like your issue.
    It definitely got me out of a bind previously.
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