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    I've created a few documents in excel on my 680 and I don't know where they go when I HotSync.

    I just did the update and I think something went wrong so I'm gonna have to do it again. Not all of my contacts have sync'd from the computer to the phone after the update as well as the two excel documents I had on my 680.

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    I assume you are on XP? If so, and your Treo has a different HotSync name then what you are logged on the computer as, check "C:\Documents and Settings". You should see a folder that corresponds to the name of your Treo and your docs will be in there.
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    Sorry, I'm not a skilled forum member...I forgot to say I'm on a MacBook Pro.
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    I have Windows (and it's in German) but I assume there's a desktop part on the Mac too. Start it and goto "Tools>Settings>Common" At least on my side there's a button to set the folder where to store the synced files.

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