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    I am sure this is probably discussed on some of the subforums, but now that this application is more widely available with the latest 680 update, it really seems more like a general communication program.

    So I think it'd be a good thing to have a combined resource of knowledge on this program, how it works, how well it works, does it take away SMS from your SMS plan, etc.

    So please, feel free to chime in if you've used the application enough to understand it or have an opinion of it, and how you feel it compares to other options, caveats it has, etc.
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    Some tidbits..

    also, it doesn't have one's entire buddy list. Just "Mobile Device" users (verichat has it beat here).

    If you don't have a buddy list named "Mobile Device" you have to create one in AOL IM and then add the buddies you want to see on your device into this group.
    Other nuggets.. May or may not work in background mode. Might take 10 or more seconds to send/receive a text. May take minutes to receive a message in background mode, then once in in the foreground, it might take 10+ seconds to retrieve the messages. Might not stay online reliably.

    So far doesn't sound good, but most of this is from the thread about installing it on devices it wasn't intended to be used on.

    I guess other questions I also have, does it stay connected if it disconnects? Will it connect after a reset automatically?

    Probably from the above info it's looking like this was a hand waving by Palm and nothing really useful. Still looking for more input, however.

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