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    Seems like within the last few weeks ive started having a lot of problems with Sprint IM. Previously it was fairly stable, but lately its been annoying.


    1) Power Vision has to reconnect OFTEN when turning phone display on with Sprint IM open. Sometimes, it has to reconnect every single time.
    2) When #1 occurs, sometimes the connection attempt will Cancel. Phone gets stuck permanently in "Canceling" screen. Phone is not frozen, but you cannot exit the app or do anything.
    3) Frequent "you are not logged in" or "failed to send message" errors, sometimes resulting in you getting signed out of services like AIM or MSN.
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    See my thread somewhere on this page. I think the Sprint app has alot of bugs. I primarily use Yahoo and when I close a conversation, I get frequent soft resets. Does always happen, but its enough that its pretty annoying. I've stopped closing conversations and will see how that goes.
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    Some of the instability may have actually been ZLaunchers fault. Using PalmInternals + Reset Doctor I figured out Zlauncher was causing DBCache crashes.

    Haven't had much of a problem so far now that I got rid of Zlauncher, but it will take some time to see.
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    I get a lot of "not logged in" error messages if I have left it running and come back to it the next day.
    I don't get resets though upon exit.
    It is a nearly worthless/useless app. I'm just to cheap and not wanting to give up the memory to get anything else - and I don't do a lot of texting/IM-ing.
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    Quick question... Is Sprint IM in RAM??? I can't find it on my palm anymore... The sprint download app is gone too...

    I'm looking at the "all" category...
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    i think rom is what i meant...
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    No it's not. Basically it takes you to the website to download it to your phone, so you can re get-it from the vision site.
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    Zlauncher has a new version 5.45 - which has a dbcache plugin app to free up the dbcache, I use it on my TX w/no probs, & I'm looking to eventually get 755p fm VZ.

    Good luck, hope this helps.

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