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    I really like OnDemand, but it progressively takes up more memory...particularly the Sports module (now at 4+ MB). It seems to just continue to accumulate without removing old information. Is there a way to 'reset' the cache safely? I wish the program would manage this itself better.
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    Ondemand is a memory hog. I reset and delete the cache frequently. On a different note I used to have a 700p and ondemand was a trial on that phone. On the centro it has been two months and I am still getting service. Is the ondemand service free on the centro? For how long?
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    How does one reset and delete the cache for On Demand?
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    The only way I have found to delete the cache is to use a program like palm insider pro or filez. When the ondemand files start getting large over 400k I delete them.
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    Which files are safe to delete? Isn't the application itself locked to ROM. I would assume the On Demand - Sports, On Demand - Weather, files like that would be safe.

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