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    Okay so for the last 2 weeks my phone resets, ALOT over the course of a day. Like every other incoming or outgoing call. Never resets for any other reason other then making or receiving a call and sometimes when receiving text messages... I assumed this is because there is something wrong internally, so I take it to the Sprint store and they make a call on it and WHAMMY! it resets on them. They blame it on 3rd party software and even said its probably Zlauncher causing it. I disagree cause Zlauncher and all my progs run fine, it only resets when it has to access the radio or make calls. So naturally the tech does a hard reset. I am fully backed up with BackupBuddy everynight so I am fine with that. Now the phone runs fine, and I can restore all files EXCEPT the PhoneCallDB file. I get an error message stating "PhoneCallDB Memory: out of space." The file is 244KB (I have had it intact since I got my Treo 650 in 05...

    I have lost ALL call data for the past few years, BUT I do have it backed up to SD and my home PC. My phone has been running reset free for the past almost 2 days. So my question is... Is there a max size for the PhoneCallDB file? Could that have been the cause of all my random resets for the past 2 weeks? Has this happened to anyone else or am I the only packrat that keeps their call log for years?

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    The file size on mine is 113K, what I do though is archive it using Comet. Though at one time on the device I had 2 years of calls listed, now it starts 10/3/07 due to my playing without thinking. I like a decent call log.

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    I don't know for sure whether there's a limit, but mine is over 1MB in size and goes all the way back to my first Treo 300 in August 2002. It does slow certain things down, but hasn't otherwise caused me any problems.

    UPDATE: Not sure if Jeff's question was to me, but I only have 2 pictures in my Contacts DB. PhonecallDB is 1.4 MB in size, dates back to 8/8/02, and has over 25,000 records. The main slow down I see is in HotSyncing. It sounds to me like techprincesse may have some data corruption in her PhonecallDB file. I know I certainly don't get any random resets (or at least very few these days), and if it were a file size issue, my problems would likely be pretty severe.
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    How many pictures do you have stored for contacts in your DB?

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    FYI: my 700p's PhoneCallDB file dates back to 6/9/2006, and per FileZ is 122k with 1878 Records.

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    I recently copied my PhoneCallDB (over 600Kb) over to my SD card, then truncated the internal version to retain just the previous month's calls. Calls were going all the way back to June '05.

    I have noticed NO OBVIOUS DIFFERENCES since doing this, except that the PhoneCallDB (internal) is now down to 26kB. No speedups in any applications or when accessing contacts, or when dialing or ending a call, and I still get the occasional white screen pause. Also I have noticed NO difference in the number of resets.

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