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    Hi all...

    I'm hoping some new eyes on this problem will help me solve goes...

    I just bought a Parrot Bluetooth MK6100 for my car. It's basicly a bluetooth car kit. Works great with my 700P. I also have my Treo connected to the car stereo using the stereo jack to my radio's aux in. I listen to streaming XM and internet music, as well as on my SD card. The problem I am having is, when someone calls, and I have the line plugged into the bottom of the phone, the calls go there, instead of the Bluetooth. Also, when I try to place a call with the Bluetooth, and the line is plugged in, the Treo seems to completely ignore the Bluetooth all together.

    I just noticed the setting in the hands-free section that says "Always route call to Hands-Free". I turned this off, but i'm at work, so I haven't had a chance to test it. It seems that the Bluetooth and headphone jack can't be used at the same time. If that is true, that would really suck. In an Ideal world, I would want the incoming call to ask me where to route it...

    Is anyone else running into this issue? Is there a solution??

    Thanks all

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    The older 700p (pre MR) allowed for the bluetooth to override the jack. Newer ones and updated ones now have the jack overriding the bluetooth. This appears to have been intentional since it has carried over onto the 755p and the centro.

    So far, I haven't seen a solution to the problem other than to unplug it.
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    Thanks for the reply...after some more looking I found another thread talking about the same thing. That really stinks. I was praying someone had/would create a hack to put it back the way it was, but I guess thats wishful thinking...One of the guys posting said he almost had an accident unplugging the jack so the BT would engage...Crazy...Just a shame...the Parrot works so great..

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    I am in the same boat here. I would like to take a call on my BT headset while the mini jack is used for car audio. It sucks I have to disconnect the plug for it to work.
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    Yes, I've been looking into buying those Bluetooth devices for a long time. They're kind of expensive here, but still worth the money. Especially since using the phone too much isn't good for your health, as we know. I wonder though, why are they called *Parrot* Bluetooth? Any relation to the lovely parrot animals we all cherish? That kind of stuff boggles my mind.


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