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    I've been happy as a clam with my 755P until today.

    Everything has worked fine until my Treo did a reset. But it wouldn't go past the beginning screen of "Access Powered" with the white background.

    So I went to Sprint. An hour later they said I'd have to do a hard reset. Fine - I'll take my lumps.

    I try the hard reset and it still will not move past the same "Access Powered" screen and thus complete the hard reset.

    I'm confident that it is not due to corrosion. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

    Many thanks in advance.
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    Update...after spending a collective 2 hours with Sprint and Treo support, I am told it may fall under the manufacturer's warranty.

    Does anybody have any other bright ideas?
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    I am getting a replacement 755p because my 700p did the same thing. I took it to a service center and was told "you need a new phone". Since it was out of warranty and I did not have the extortion plan, I had to pay $55 for a replacement.

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