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    So I updated to 2.11, and now my Java is gone. Ok, so I deleted the java files that were on the phone with Resco Explorer. I want to reinstall them, but I'm using Vista so I can't use quickinstall to hotsync the Java files.
    Ok, so I email them to myself, open them on the phone, and the ysay they install ok. But, I don't see them in the applications list, or in the phone preferences lists.

    What can I do to get my Java back? I really realyl need to so I can use Opera Mini.
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    This is driving me crazy, I've uninstalled both the Java files that were installed, deleter anything starting with J9 (though I've seen in another thead that these were just temp files). I've rebooted and reinstalled, and still Java won't show up in my preferences menu! Does anyone have any ideas?

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