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    If I installed the new update on my unlocked/unbranded 680. What would happen?? Would it just not work? Or would it "brick" the phone?
    I am using ATT sim card in it anyway, so if did this update would it just reject the update?.....I'm kind of curious.
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    Do you have a way to bypass firmware version check? I doubt it. It won't update anyway if using official ATT 2.11 firmware update. The only way you can update ATT v2.11 is using the lastest Custom ROM (actually full update + bypass version check) from "jamesgangut". It works fine as I did mine; also Treo680 ROW.
    I guess you are having Treo680 ROW firmware. Jamesgangut still keeps the old ROW token display version for future ROW firmware update.

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