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    I get up in the morning, after charging the phone to 99% all night, and the centro will only last until about 5:30 before I have to charge again. Thats only 11 hrs, and that is with VERY minimal use(one or two phonecalls, and maybe using an app for 5 mins total). I have the screen brightness set to the very minimum and have it auto off in 15 secs, and always turn off the display when not using it. Is it normal for it to drain this fast?
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    Try a search. Here is a link to a thread.

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    for some reason I noticed that my battery would drain really fast after I had installed some 3rd party apps. So I deleted them and no change, so I synced the phone, did a hard reset and then synced the info back to the phone (no 3rd party apps) and walla! no more batt problems.

    So here we go again, I am determined to have some games on my phone so I load only one and monitor the battery. Seems to be draining again not as fast as before but still faster than it should. So I sync the phone, do a hard reset again, re-sync the phone putting all items including 3rd party apps this time and so far I have had no issues with the battery.

    I am on day three of one charge and am at 40% remaining. That is with the phone on from 6 am to 10 pm, lots of text msgs, about 6 calls, and maybe an hour or two total of dicking around with the phone playing games etc. per day.

    I can't really complain now with how the battery is performing. But just a few weeks ago I was traveling by plane and had the phone off and it would just drain like I was a bejewled freak. Having to stop and charge the phone in the airport just so when I land I can make a call is crap.

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