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    Thanks for posting this answer. It fixed the problem for me...I probably should have know to try it. I've been using Palms since the very first model (still sitting on my shelf) and, amazingly, have never had this problem before.
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    This corrupted memo, bad record error has happenned over and over to me on the 700p. Verizon Wireless or Palm tech support told me it just "happens" and that the record is only corrupt on the device. I did the hard reset too and just hotsync'd again to put everything onto my device from my laptop from scratch. I try not to use the memos any more because this is FRUSTRATING. Glad to read I'm not the only one who has had this error!
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    Is there any other easy way to fix it without hotsync. sometimes, the memo crashes while I am not at home and can't access anything that I needed while I was out.
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