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    I just did the AT&T 2.11 update. No hitches. Everything works great.

    I inadvertently activated the "Push to Talk" feature. Its really not a function I'm interested in. Now I've got the PTT icon on the main phone screen, whether I'm "logged in" or not. The other side effect is that the side button now seems to be permanently mapped to Push to Talk. In the Buttons prefs screen, there is no pull down menu for the side button anymore. Some programs (Xpress Mail) still ask whether I want to remap the side button, but it has no effect.

    Any one able to figure out a way to deinstall the PTT app? Or at least bypass its control of the side key?
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    I think you can reassign the side button unless you setup "Push To Talk", but once you have set that up it stays locked to "Push To Talk".

    You could try calling AT&T to get "Push To Talk" removed from your account and see if that all goes away. Let us know what happens!
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    ew... I use the side button for a few different things based on what I do (press, hold, double-press, opt-press, etc).

    Hopefully PTT won't interfere with that. Is there no configuration, disabling, etc of it?
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    Okay, after a half hour on hold with AT&T, I've managed to back out of the whole PTT fiasco. As I suspected, the PTT feature (and charge per use) had been added to my account once I ran the installer app. The customer service rep was finally able to remove the PTT feature remotely. I got a text message telling me that I no longer had PTT available to me. The icon disappeared from the phone app, and the option to assign the side button to other functions reappeared. I didn't ask, but it seems to me that the PTT app takes over the side button absolutely, without any option to change it's assignment.

    There really should be an option (from the phone) to uninstall or cancel the PTT feature once its installed.

    I'm afraid I might inadvertantly click the PTT app icon again. I can't remember whether I was given the option not to install the feature when I ran it the first time. Anyone?
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    Wow, that's bad.. Accidentally launch it and suddenly you've added a $10 option to your account, unless there's a Pay Per Use for free or something.
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    If you launch it it asks you first if you want to enable push-to-talk which has a usage charge. I clicked on it, but when the usage charge warning came up and choose cancel with no ill effects.

    So you do get a warning before it takes over if you accidentally click on it. I was curious, but not curious enough to pay more for something I'll likely not use.
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    I called AT&T and they said that when you setup the ptt app on your phone it doesn't put the $10 plan on your account. It just does pay per use. So as long as you don't use it, you're fine.

    The only way I was able to get the side button unmapped was a hard reset
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    I'll be installing the minimal custom rom, no PTT for me.

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