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    I have an unlocked Cingular Palm Treo 650 that I have been using in India with no problems since I acquired the phone in the States about four months ago. A few weeks ago, however, my phone began doing a soft reset every time I sent an SMS; the send is successful. Occasionally the problem also occurs after an outgoing phone call. #*377 renders the following error message: "A reset occurred on [date] at [time] while running “Phone”: Fatal Exception"

    A few days ago, however, after making a phone call my phone locked up. After doing a soft reset, #*377 displayed: "A crash occurred on [date] at [time] while running “Phone”: Fatal Exception". This was the first time the phone actually crashed. This has only happened once.

    I have installed no new applications on my phone.

    My mobile service here in India is with SPICE. I tried other SIMs for other service providers, i.e., Vodafone (Hutch) and Airtel, and had no problem with messaging or phone calls.

    When I put my SPICE SIM in friends’ handsets (Nokias – not Treos), again, no problems.

    When I put someone else’s SPICE SIM in my phone, the same problem occurs.

    Could there be something that SPICE Telecom is now sending to my phone after completion of an outgoing communication that my Treo 650 just can’t handle?

    Additional soft resets and system resets have no effect on the problem. I’m a little nervous about doing a hard reset, having never done one before or gone through a restoration process.

    Does anyone have any advice about the best course of action? Thanks!
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    I think I get the same problem with a UK network by Tesco (carrier is O2-UK).
    I get a soft reset every third sms sent on average.
    I have tried a hard reset and no third party software - no difference.
    I have also deleted my address.dat contacts list after a hard reset - no difference.

    Tesco send a "Network message" after every sms and call you make telling you your current balance. The text in this message is sometimes garbled - this makes me suspicious.

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    if you don't mind losing all your messages, you can use Filez to delete the MessagesDB.pdb, then soft-reset the device. This often cures any problems i have with the Messaging program. You do sometimes have to re-enter your MMS settings though.
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    Fingers crossed the problem has been solved. I rang Tesco and asked them to stop sending the network messages. So far all is ok now.

    Yes, deleting MessagesDB.pdb does solve some problems - thanks - but it did not solve this one.


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