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    Just got 2cool4u and love it. I have some bug reports & feature requests. I'm not sure of the best way to contact the app developer, so I'm starting here.

    I am running a Sprint Centro with the firmware upgrade Centro-1.07-SPNT.

    *Alert bell does not appear when alert is active UNLESS alert comes up while 2cool4u is running. And if you exit 2cool4u and come back in, alert bell does not re-appear

    *If I have "come back after phone call" checked, I cannot hang up my phone. The word "active" on the call screen changes to "hanging up" but it just sticks there. the phone does not lock up, it just doesn't hang up. i either have to initiate another call and then hang up, or call my centro from another phone and then hang up. Or after hangin up I can hit the "hold" button.

    Feature Requests:
    *I love the swipe left/right to get the call log. I'd like to have applications as another option when swiping left/right. I'd like it to read from the same categories as the palm os similar to the way contacts can view the different categories.

    *I'd like to have the time in the bottom status bar.

    *I really wish the green button worked for bringing up the dial pad / recent dialed list / redial.

    *I'd like to be able to change the default icon that is used when no pic is assigned to a contact. Either to pick one icon to be used for all contacts without a picture assigned, or maybe even select a few different icons to randomize.

    *I'd like to be able to change the color of the buttons that appear in the popup window when you click a contact's icon

    *I'd like to be able to save my custom colors as a new skin. or someway to memorize those settings.

    *I'd like to be able to select a picture as the background, and be able to set the transparency of the pic from 1 - 100%.
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    Hi, please give me some weeks to look into it. I will take your feature request into account for the next release.
    About the unknown caller pic: it's a part of the skin and could be altered by a skin file.
    About the colors: They are also defined inside the skins and can be modified later on using the skin settings page. When you select a new skin the color definitions are loaded from the skin file. The gfx-buttons are also part of the skin.

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