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    I know ATT is the first priority and all, but are they going to ever release firmware update for unlocked 680s??? This is pretty frustrating.
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    Yep it is frustrating. I wonder if the update works with unlocked att 680's
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    it feels like they never will! i still have my 680 and would try any new firmware update just to see any improvements (but i don't think it will ever get good enough to replace my iphone)...
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    Is this now the 2nd update for the Cingular/AT&T 680? Or was the earlier one delayed until now?

    Regardless, as stated it's at least one more update than what us unlocked customers have received.
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    I'm More then frustrated, For years I have always Spent the extra Money to get the unlocked versions (600,650,680) because in the past the Updates came out first for the Unlocked versions.. Now I'm 2 Updates behind..(sigh)
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    Palm have said there will be an update to the unlocked 680 and implied it will be available soon.

    As someone said on a different thread, the AT&T 680 update earlier this year mainly fixed problems that the unlocked 680 didn't have, as well as changing Cingular to AT&T, so you didn't miss out on anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tribble View Post
    Palm have said there will be an update to the unlocked 680 and implied it will be available soon.
    Really nothing stopping you trying out a custom version of the ATT release...
    You'll be able to update that if an unlocked GSM update ever materializes
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    I installed the custom ROM yesterday. Sick of waiting. It worked great. Seems like the whole device is responding faster. But that could be because it's now hard reset.
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    The only thing the AT&T update seems to add is the PTT function. I'm not even sure I want or need that function, nor know if it would work with on T-Mobile.

    I was having some stability problems recently with my phone. I suspect some third party software I was trying. But, after I did a hard reset, re-did the upgrades, re-loaded my software, but only the stuff I needed (after deleting the backup directory on the PC), and not only is the phone working better, I am getting better battery life, better than 1 day for a full charge.
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