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    hello all,
    I am a new centro owner and had a couple of questions regarding the sme client.
    It seems my device isn't pushing my email in a timely manner. from the time I am sent an email, my centro receives it 20+ mins after. I have my accounts set to push. I've heard some people have had this problem. can anyone enlighten to to a possible solution?
    also i'd like to mention the following. when I receive a pic message, I go through the motions to download it to my phone and it ALWAYS ends up being cropped at 320x320. Am I missing something here. I'd much prefer getting my pics at full resolution (i.e. 800x600)</b><p>this message was posted using my centro!
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    I'm not too familiar with SME, but first I'd suggest getting the latest version, referenced here:

    Second, I'd suggest looking at a third-party e-mail app. Wish I had better news.

    Oh, and you shouldn't need to worry about HTML/ Blazer in these forums. Spacing is achieved via the Enter key, you don't need to enter posts in HTML.
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    when accessing web sites on your centro, I would suggest that you go to the mobile version of the website. For treocentral, the url for the mobile version of the site is
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    Somehow i don't think its sprint email causing a problem. i posted my response here:

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