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    Does anyone have one of the Seidio super slim cases for the 680, either the crystal or the black rubberized? I think I want to get one, but I am worried about the fit of the two pieces that you snap together. Are there any gaps between the pieces? Is the seem where they fit together smooth? Does it seem too fragile if you need to take it apart periodically? Do the cutouts let you have access to everything?

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    I have been through 3 of them already (2 free replacements).

    They just don't last, despite what they said about a new more flexible material now being used.

    They work great for a few weeks, but then eventually the snaps stop holding the 2 halves together and it just won't stay on the Treo.

    I'm now using and I really like it.
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    I like mine . It is thin and I have access to all cutouts even the sd card.
    Fit and finish is decent. I have never had the case fall apart. I recommend it.
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    Mine is being held together with tape, seidio offered to replace but I think I will try something else, fit & finish is great but after a while if you take the case apart the thin plastic is too weak and breaks off
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    Well, dangit! I had been considering cases lately and that was the one I thought I was going to get. Glad that I asked here first. They are too high priced to risk those kinds of problems.
    I tried the boxwave silicone skincase, but I didn't like the way that the "buttons" weren't raised on the skin which made it harder to press the buttons. I like the proporta silicone skin, but you have to take it off each time you want to access the SD card as it is designed for the 755. Granted, that's not a really big deal, but I'm lazy. Besides, I wanted black.
    Anyone tried Brando's silicone skin or Seidio's?

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