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    What is this error exactly? Some searches come up indicating it's the gateway. I'm getting this when trying to sign into IM on my new Centro. It was working fine last night, but I kept getting weird IM error messages. Now this morning I can't even connect to AIM.

    FWIW, it's [Error -103] received when I try to connect to Yahoo IM and MSN Messenger.

    I can browse the web fine, however.
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    Hmm. Ok, I'm not getting those errors now.

    But I get numerous 103 errors and another one I forgot now while I'm signed in. Errors basically stating my IMs were not received, or I've been disconnected, 503 - Server is temporarily unavailable, etc.

    However everyone is receiving my IMs, and I stay connected. Has anyone experienced this? Is there a fix for these? I literally have to click OK through like 5 errors sometimes.

    EDIT: I contacted Sprint Technical Support, was told I was with "Advanced" Support. But they offer no support for the IM program. I looked at OZ Communications' website, and there is no mention of support...
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    I'm getting errors too, like on Aim. when I try to send a message it'll tell me an error. I can't recall the numbers but same goes to yahoo. By the morning I get kicked off and I have to sign back on and it'll tell me an error message 503, I think....
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    It works now, but I still get various 103, 503, etc. errors throughout the day. Some of the errors indicate I am not connected, but my friends say they never see me drop offline... oh, well...

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