I hope I can sufficiently describe my plight... Here is what I would like to accomplish, yet have not found any good ways to do so...

I have been using Outlook 2007 and use SherWeb for my Exchange account. I would like to begin using ACT so I can keep more in-depth records of my business contacts.

If I use ACT as my primary contact manager, I need to sync OUTLOOK with ACT so my Exchange account is current. I have not found a good (and easy) way of synching Act with Outlook. If at all possible, I would like this to be an automated function. I have looked and tried, with limited success, with DoubleLook. Will experiment more with this product this weekend.

Anyone have any other thoughts/ways to do this? My priorities are in this order: 1). Ease of use,2). Current email on my Centro, 3). Ability to sync laptop, desk top, Centro.

I also prefer using OUTLOOK's email client vs what Act has to offer.

If I can't find a solution, then my next best guess is that I will need to set up IMAP email and hotsync ACT from my desktop with my Centro.

Thanks in advance...