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    Is there any way to determine what the useless, deleted or otherwise wasteful clutter in unrelated files in my Visor memory relate to? I have tried to sort through "Delete" in the Main App and a file mover program, but something called, "sslplus" in the System subdirectory is there. I would love to delete it if I knew what it was. Also, do I need AvantGo JavaScript as well as AvantGo? Together that's almost 1Mb for AvantGo.

    I feel like the time when I switched from a DOS based system to Windows 3.1. When I tried to uninstall programs they left all sorts of residual files in the Windows subdirectory that were too scary to delete.
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    I likewise would like to get rid of a bunch of crap, but it is difficult to know what is crap and what isn't. sslplus is installed with eudora(web) for secure transactions. Can delete it and eudora will still work (I think), but not for ssl transactions...

    Get pz or filez (palmgear) and it gives you more info on what different files are and creator types date created date modified etc. Much more info than filemover. Pz will even compress files on the visor.

    On the mac side there is a program called extension overload which tells the user what all the extensions/cdevs are for the macOS. Wish there was such a listing for palms...

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    There are a couple uninstallers for the Palm OS which track whats installed and make sure is deleted along with the app.
    Matt Nichols

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