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    Yesterday I noticed that my Palm 700p's battery seemed to drain rather quickly, but I hadn't been paying too much attention, so I didn't think too much of it. But by the time I got home at 5 it was dead, from a full charge that a.m.--I can usually go an entire weekend charger-free.

    I charged the phone fully, and about two hours after it was unplugged it was down to half a battery. I charged it some more and removed it from the charger when it was around 40% since I had to leave. Not ten minutes later, the battery was in the red.

    Any ideas why this is happening all of a sudden and how I can fix it? I am not using any new software, I'm using the phone in places I usually use it, and I've barely been talking on it since I'm in the library studying for finals. I've had the phone about a year and have never dropped it or any such thing. Do I have to buy a new battery or what?

    PS--I'm not really a techie. I have a great plan that includes data for way less than I should be paying for it, so I got a phone with decent web-browsing capabilities, but I am completely unfamiliar with most of the advanced features.

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    Get one of those Seidio 2600mah batteries. I now have two of them and have no battery issues whatsoever...

    Yer pal,


    A bigger Treo fan than I'll admit.
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    I second that. My battery began to drain rapidly like that after a year of use. A new battery cured the problem.
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    If you are interested in buying one PM me cause I have a new unused one available.

    Quote Originally Posted by rezdog View Post
    I second that. My battery began to drain rapidly like that after a year of use. A new battery cured the problem.
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    Are you sure it's fully charging?

    My battery contacts are wearing out. I plug it in, and sometimes the light immediately turns green and says it's 100% charged, when I know it isn't.

    Overnight, of course I'm not watching it, and the light turns green. I wake up and it's really at 50%.

    I can only get mine to charge correctly by using the USB sync cable.
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    I also noticed a similar issue after using a Sedio battery for over a year...I ended up switching to Blackberry instead of just getting a new battery. Plus I also noticed problems with the Treo not being able to be charged from the charger, problems with the contacts.

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