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    It's possible that you'll see some good deals on Palm's PDA cradle over the holidays. I got a second one while I was out at Palm HQ last week as part of an end-of-year employee activity. It's nicely made and comes with a power adapter that can be used internationally.

    These cradles don't work out-of-the-box with the Treo phones. While the connector is the same, and you can kinda get a Treo 755p to connect if you push, you'll not get a steady connection. However, they can be easily modified.

    To start, you'll need a screwdriver that works with the small star screws on the bottom. There are three of them, two covered by sticky pads. Once you get it open, you'll want to find some dark, opaque tape. Use that to cover up the two LEDs on the PC board to make the cradle less annoying. Finally, remove the translucent white plastic bit. I tried to cut mine down some, but ultimately, I just reassembled the cradle without it, leaving a hole at the top.

    The 755p fits nicely on top now, and it's supported by the main plastic part. Removing the white piece gives room for the back of the phone. I also tried a 700p, but the deeper back means that it doesn't work as well. I expect a Centro would also fit, but I've not tried one out.

    Here's a picture of my hacked cradle from my Flickr account. I like that the cradle has an audio output; that's connected to the line-in on the radio. The cradle gets the audio through the universal connector rather than the 2.5mm headset jack. I just have the power adapter hooked up, as there's no computer in that room. I use it for charging the phone and listening to podcasts as I go to sleep.
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    I have been able to get the white plastic piece off without removing the bottom. I think that it took some work, if I recall...

    I like the idea!

    I have been tempted a couple of times to take my Palm TX and make it into an internet radio (besides it being a development device). Plug it right into the cradle and my stereo right into that.
    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.

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