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    Another thing I ran across. Here is a link to Palm official dissemble instructions for recyclers. Notice the warning that these are for authorized recyclers only, you will void your warranty if you aren't!
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    I recently replaced the digitizer on mine, and then I replaced the Case, since I've dropped mine a few times.

    make sure you test the microphone immediately after re-assembly. The microphone near the bottom of the keyboard has a little rubber piece which can hang up on the plastic guide for the charger/sync cable. When it does, it pushes the microphone out of position and it doesn't make contact with the circuit board "bullseye".

    BTW, the screen for a TREO650 will not work with a TREO680, but the glass digitizer is the same! If you have scratches on the screen and/or your digitizers isn't working, you can get a replacement digitizer for like $25 (on Ebay), or salvage one from an old TREO650.
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