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    Situation summary
    Certain Sprint customers using Sprint Mobile Email on Palm Centro devices are experiencing significant battery drain issues. The cause of this issue is linked to the Sprint Mobile Email software ("client") and email synchronization issues that only occur when a customer's password is set incorrectly or the ISP email server is unavailable. Customers who experience the email synchronization issue on Sprint Mobile Email will notice that their Palm Cento battery will drain within 1-3 hours regardless of usage patterns because of to a continuous synchronization loop. This unnecessarily keeps the device active and drains the battery until the application is removed. This problem does not occur when email synchronization successfully completes.

    * Assure customers that the battery draining is not a device issue and that they do not need to return their device for a new one.

    * Sprint is working diligently with SEVEN (our Sprint Mobile Email vendor), which has created a new software client. The software, currently being tested, will stop the synchronization loop after five unsuccessful attempts in order to prevent battery drain.

    * Sprint is targeting to make the new software client available to customers in early to mid-December.

    * This solution will be made available as an over-the-air download.

    * Once the updated software is made available, Sprint Mobile Email customers using Palm devices will be prompted for five days to download the new client. If the customer has not proactively downloaded the new client at the end of the five-day period, the new application will automatically download to the customer's device.

    * Sprint recommends that customers who are having battery drain issues on the Palm Centro and using Sprint Mobile Email should remove the Sprint Mobile Email application and instead use Palm's Versamail "Email" application until the new Sprint Mobile Email application is posted in December.

    * Customers who delete the Sprint Mobile Email client will be able to download the updated client from the "Downloads" site accessible in the main menu of the Palm Centro.

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    Just FYI, it was mentioned here earlier and is also a front-story at TC: Is an Email Application the Culprit in Centro Battery Life Problems?.

    The information from my post, which was later than the one cited above, says the update was already rolled out on 12/4, so if people received the pushed-update, it should not longer be an issue--hopefully.

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    I have had the 'quick drain' twice since I have had my Centro and I don't use Sprint Mobile Email. I use Versamail with EAS. It has been about a month since I have had it and have not removed any apps that would have changed anything, but, I'm not too concerned since it has only happened twice and it's been a month since the last one.
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    I have had the quick drain 1 time and I don't use EITHER email program.
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    The battery life seems so short to me coming from a Samsung i500 (which I rarely used the data connection) with the extended battery.

    I can only make it about 10 hours with a not very active EAS push email and a few calls in a day. I did try the Sprint email program once but removed it as soon as I realized the Gmail IMAP did not work (just like with Versamail).
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    What is the battery size on the Centro? Is it at least 1200mAh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ame View Post
    I have had the quick drain 1 time and I don't use EITHER email program.
    Coincidentally I experienced this battery drain issue last night with the phone seemingly doing nothing... asleep. My Sprint Mobile email software was upgraded to the supposedly fixed version so if it fixed what is was supposed to then maybe it wasn't responsible. But if not then ?

    It looks like I'm on the other side of this and appear to be using both SM and Versamail... both have been configured and seem to be functioning equally well. This phone is relatively new to me and wasn't even aware that I was using two separate email clients, as I had thought that email was only one function of Sprint Mobile and was using Versamail as it's mail client. Duh.
    I'm thinking I really don't need two mail clients on this phone and should decide on one and delete the other? Any reason to hang onto both?
    Is there a consensus on which is the better application?

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    Does anyone know how different the battery is from other Treos? I mean people are saying the chargers are the same. How many extended batteries are there that aren't bigger in size on other Treos?
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    OK, who here has applied the battery fix and found better battery life?
    What about those who use neither Versamail nor Sprint mail... maybe they use chatter? Does the fix fix the problem?
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    I got my Centro about a month ago and during the transition from my 755 (previously 700) I only transferred my data (contacts, message database, etc) to it and used it "normally".

    I didn't have time to get all my programs installed and set up to see if they still functioned correctly (for the record - they all do with the exception of Butler because of the stupid LED control restrictions the Centro has - just solid green control).

    So I used my Centro "normally" for a period - then started beaming programs to it to play with them - Bejeweled, Butler and Technician. After a week or so of no real noticeable change I realized my battery was all but dead by the time I left work (8 - 5 job). The only thing I could think of that changed at the time was that I set Butler to nag me with reminder buzzes every few minutes (5 repeats) if I missed something (call or message). Even so, I only missed a few calls a day so that amounted to like 30 vibrations a day (including the original missed call or message) - but nothing amounting to a ton of extraneous "usage". This continued for about 3 days, when I finally hard reset the phone and, the battery draining stopped.

    I couldn't really pin it to Butler being the cause, nor did I feel comfortable with that because it didn't make sense. When the big news came out it made sense - while I was messing with the phone I played with things I normally wouldn't have, including downloading Sprint Email. I literally installed it, opened it, then uninstalled it. That is why I didn't remember ever having it. I do recall that it took over my "Message" button all the time and read on the forums that this was typical behavior.

    At any rate, the reason I am reporting this is because even though I uninstalled the program, I think I can say that the email app was the culprit... HOWEVER, it doesn't make sense because I uninstalled it. In addition, I NEVER actually set it up for it to have exhibited the behavior that caused battery drainage.

    Since I have re-setup my Centro with all my usual apps the battery drain has only occurred ONCE. I never downloaded and installed the Sprint email app OR set up Versamail either.

    Obviously, there are apps for the Centro that, couple with the small battery, will lead to quick drains. I wish we could tell for sure what setting or property of a certain program led to this but I don't know. The only thing I can tell you for sure is that if you want to trouble shoot and tell for sure if the battery drain you are experiencing is due to the Centro or a defective battery is to (if you can afford to do so) hard reset your phone and use it for a few days with no third party applications. If your "naked" Centro still drains you may have a defective unit or battery. Does that sound logical?
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    That is a great idea and maybe next week I will have time to do that.

    I also installed that email app, tried it for about two hours and then removed it. But mabye it did not completely go away!

    But the rest of my apps sound about the same as yours, including Butler, but I don't have repeated reminders. Just the LED notification.
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    I wish it had come to me sooner. I was right on the verge of calling Sprint (the phone is still less than a month old) and was worried about what they would do for me when I explained that my battery would be dead in about a half a day. In addition, I had the usual bewildered feeling about something new being defective. When I hard reset and suddenly "normal" battery life returned it hit me that it wasn't necessarily the battery or the phone at all... whew.

    That LED restriction is annoying! Since that's the only change you can get it even lights up solid with voicemail as a reminder. I used to have slow orange blinking for VM's so now when I look at the phone and it's constantly green I still get confused (I am SO bad at checking VM).

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