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    I have noticed that pressing a key on the keyboard (or the 5 way) quiets the ringer. While this can be nice I have had the ringer shut off while the phone was in my pocket. (what was that.. did my phone ring.. hm.. guess not... oops)

    Is this a setting that can be changed?
    Sean Dotson, PE
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    You should be able to set the keyguard to not automatically unlock when you have an incoming call. You will need to hit the center button before answering though.

    You could also set the phone to vibrate first before ringing and then you will know by the vibe and the ring.
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    Tebow could help you. He's knows everything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mtndew View Post
    Tebow could help you. He's knows everything.
    Including how to beat FSU

    Hmm, why do they change these subtle things from phone to phone. Just as you get used to one they change it all up on you.
    Sean Dotson, PE
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    That feature has been in so many other phones and treos for a while now. Don't think it was added recently

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