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    What's the best way to clean up my 680??? Its doing all kinds of weird things...crashing when I try to access certain memos, unable to transition between apps quickly. I have downloaded a lot of crap over the years. How do I clean it up?
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    Back up your data. Hard reset then reinstall the apps that you really use. Search for more details on the step-by-step procedure so that you dont lose things like your calendar or contacts.
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    I would first start with DBFixIt (check all databases, and remove all calendar blobs), Reset Doctor, Palm Internals, and Rescoe Locker. Also, warm reset your device and delete any files that are left over from other programs. If that doesn't work - then hard reset.
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    You should also look for large media files (pictures, vids) that may have been saved to main memory instead of your external card. The camera has a nasty habit of defaulting back to RAM for saving images.

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