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    I thought I would try the demo of Pocket Quicken 2.0. I downloaded it, installed it, and then realized after it was too late that I had a handful of new transactions in PQ1 that I didn't sync to Quicken beforehand. When I checked, the new transactions were gone and they did not transfer to Quicken when I installed the new version of PQ. I did all of this at home this morning. Well, I sync at work and at home and have Backup Buddy on both computers. I am pretty sure that I synced yesterday at work before I left and that the unsynced PQ transactions are somewhere on my work computer. Does anyone know how I can find them? I am hoping to be able to look at them (or something) and enter them into the PQ2 demo. Thanks.

    By the way, PQ2 looks pretty amazing. After all of my ******** about the price, it looks like I might be eating some serious crow and paying for the upgrade.
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    Well, there is an upside and a downside to Backup buddy.

    Upside: You can download anything you want from you palm device and restore it if your palm bites the dust between hotsyncs

    Downside: Backup buddy only backs up from the last hotsync. that means that if you ran backup buddy when you installed PQ2, then you have PQ2 in the backup directory.

    However, I haven't really messed with it much but there is an archive folder where you might be able to find what you're looking for.

    try looking here
    <driveletter>:/<directories . . .>/Palm/<username>/archive

    Also, you might want to consider doing what I do. Periodically saving a copy of my back up folder and dating it so that I can revert my palm device back to the state it was in on that particular date. This is especially good if you're testing lots of stuff. I use it to set up different application profiles (i.e. game visor, word processing visor, e-book visor) since I don't have the budget for memory expansions. I am accepting donations toward a 16MB module however

    Hope this helps. Just in case you missed it, check your archive folder in your palm user directory.

    - Burns
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    How could you give that link on your signature and then leave me hanging!!!!

    What is the 'CITIZEN' ?

    Where is the 'CITIZEN' ?

    give it up........
    "I cannot live without books." Thomas Jefferson
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    I haven't updated that page in several months. I think that instead of releasing Citizen as a module for Handspring, they made their own card size PDA called Citizen DataSlim.

    The company is Japanese and so is their website so I suggest using Altavista's Babelfish to view the site if your interested in this.

    Wish they would go ahead and make the module for the Visor

    - Burns
    Check out my page on Visors:
    Burn's Visor page

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