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    Out of the blue Sprint Mobile Email started messing up. I have a Yahoo Mail Plus account setup. Received an email with 15 pdf attachments. This caused SME to soft reset the Centro. Trying to refresh the inbox or sending email brings up the error in the thread title. I put my password, but the box reappears in a never ending loop. Why won't it recognize my password?

    Is the problem on the server end or is there something I can do. Unlike many, I appreciate the simplicity of SME and the push has been working great up till today. What gives?
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    15 attachments? Good grief!! It was probably too large for Sprint Mobile Email to handle and corrupted your inbox. You may need to do a hard reset. Make sure your data is backed up first. And tell who ever sent you that message with 15 attachments to be more considerate in the future. :-)
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    i have the same problem, it started yesterday out the blue. i was simply trying to "receive" and this msg popped up...

    i dont think its yahoo, cuz i can login fine from a pc
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    This is a different issue than the battery issue,
    Can anyone tell me where to pay for Yahoo Mobile so my Centro will work?

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    This is a pain in the A** I reset my password via my and its still not letting me set up the email application with my address....this is really getting fustrating..has anyone come up with a fix for this?

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