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    It seems like there are lots of choices for outliner/planning software: Brainforest, ShadowPlan, Bonsai, Progect, etc. etc. (what am I missing?) and each is a little different from the other. Any opinions on which is the best? I'm looking for something that integrates well w/ Datebk4 and that also works on the desktop (preferrably integrates w/ Palm desktop software--but is this too much to ask?). Any suggestions/advice?
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    'best' is quite subjective.

    Progect is my personal favorite, but it does not work on the desktop (thought, apparently, there are plans to have it interface with MS Project.)
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    Listmaker (at allows for an "outline" structure, although it does not have numbering. I use it daily for a variety of things. No desktop currently, although supposedly in the works.
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    Try Arranger. It integrates with DateBk4 in addition to other ToDo/Memo/Address programs. I bought it after trying out some of the others.

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    Shadow Plan is very good. It will be even better if or when they have a desktop component.
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    i registered shadowplan about a week ago and it is most excellent. the author ensures me that he is working on a desktop component.

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    Anybody used Bonsai?
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    Haaa More confused than ever huh.
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    I use Bonsai now and like it very much. I also own and have used Shadow. I resently moved to Bonsai because 1) the desktop (I know Shadow is workin gon this but I neeeded it now. 2) Printing from the Palm side. 3) At the time, multiple types of branches (To Do, Task, Note) 4) Bonsai (to me) has a cleaner interface. I could just be the user experience, but It seemed as though Shadow is developing so fast that functionality is taking a back seat to features. Bonsai offers me the features I need in a nice, easy to use program.
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    Originally posted by dshorter
    Anybody used Bonsai?

    i have. it's quite good. however, the desktop portion kept crashing on me (windows 98). this was rather annoying. as a result i tried shadow (which doesn't have a desktop yet but it's coming). since i wasn't able to use the desktop version of bonsai anyway, i decided to register shadow as it was almost half the price. its functionality has been tops.

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    Originally posted by lpas304
    Any suggestions/advice?
    Shadow suits me, it's very flexible but also easy to use.

    Releases happen quite often so fetures you want often seem to be added very quickly.


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