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    Sorry if this has been posted - I searched but did not see it.

    I have a 755p with sprint - will I be able to get my email (I use snappermail) in Mexico? I will be in the playa del carmen area. Will I be able to get to the web?

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    Yes it will. I've used both voice and data in Mexico City and it works fine. Be careful though, voice is $1.99 a minute!
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    How much were you charged for data?

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    I used it in Cabo San Lucas in August and it worked like a charm - in fact it saved my *** when the hotel's internet connection failed. All it takes is a call to Sprint to set it up. I didn't download huge files, just emails. But worked well overall.
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    $1.99 min! Ouch. Is there a way to switch to a plan temporarily that includes Mexico as the "home/national" area with Sprint? That's what I did with Verizon 2 years ago and it came about even with what my normal plan was.
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    my understanding from a co worker, is that sprint has a network in resort areas like Cancun. Not sure where you are in relation to that area
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    I will be going to Playa in a couple of weeks. I called Sprint and set up my 755P to be able to work down there for voice calls. Just wondering if anyone has had any luck with data service working down there???

    One Sprint rep told me I would be charged $.002/kb for data use and another told me I wouldn't be charged at all. Anyone know the true answer?
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    We visited Cancun Feb 2008. Here's charges from our bill

    $1.49/minute voice call
    $0.20/International text message

    When I called Sprint I was told the data is .002 or .003/kb - can't remember.
    When I arrived, I turned on Digital Roaming (I leave my phone in Home Network only). I then got a text message informing me of the rates for voice and data.

    My firm uses Goodlink and I could swear, when I turned on the phone email came streaming in. However, I've not seen any charges for data. I turned my phone off for the rest of the trip. We used another Sprint cell phone that did not have Goodlink for the rest of the trip. So either I'm imagining it or you don't get charged or because it was just one short data burst it did not register.
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    Thanks for the good info, David.

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