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    I want to know if anyone else is having a problem with custom ringtones. I am noticing that the certain speech ring tones are getting cutoff. I thought it might be a memory problem, then I thought a length problem. But the cutoff is consistent in the place it is stopping but I cannot figure out the pattern of why it is stopping. it is not length because I have certain ringers that are 30 seconds, and I have ringers that are 6 seconds and both are cutoff near the end. Does anyone have the same problem? Does anyone have a solution? I have used different bitrates from 22 through 96, altering AAC to M4a and they still keep getting cutoff. Also used different ways to encode. used quicktime,, and xisoft mp3 to aac converter.

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    Check out this thread.

    I highly recommend using Audacity to convert your files, and then uploading them to

    Try it and see if that solves your problem.
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    I've noticed the same thing. One of my MP3 plays for the whole clip. The other cuts off after about 10 seconds. I thought at first I might have touched the screen (silencing the ringer) but now I'm not sure.
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    I was having the same problem and then I tried Now the last few seconds dont get chopped off.
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