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    I curious if anyone uses this case :Seidio Hybrid Case For Treo 750/755
    I've been looking at it for awhile and when I decide to buy they are out of stock. For those that have it, Is it worth the wait or do you know of something better?
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    I really like the Seidio rubberized hard case for my extended battery. I have the clear case too, not the hybrid, and I like the feel of the rubberized more than the crystal.
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    That was my thinking. I feel the clear case, which they have in stock, would look cheap and be to slippery. I favor the hybrid but am not sure when it will come available and if it's worth the wait.
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    I have some arthritis in my hands and the rubberized case is much more comfortable for me. I never use the crystal case.
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    I have the Seidio clear case for the extended battery.

    It looks amazing and works great. It is not too slippery. The only problems are (which are not specific to the clear case):

    -It doesnt protect the keyboard if you drop the phone on a non-flat surface (of course).
    -It can be annoying to take off if you need to pop out the battery. Luckily the 755p isn't really known for freezing.
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    I ended up getting the hybrid w/holster. Thanks for the info
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    I really like the hybrid with my 700p. The problem I had is using it with the holster, it falls often. I used the same holster with a soft skin in the past and it never fell.
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    I hope I don't experience that!!

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